The final trip Geosphere students took was a joint trip with Technosphere to the Frederick County Landfill. After disposing of the E-Recycle material that was collected the past two weeks at BREGS, students loaded the bus and headed on a tour. The first stop students made on the tour was at the Jenbacher Gas Engine. "This was my favorite part," Ben remarks. This machine converts the landfill's methane gas into enough electricity to power up to 1400 homes! "I learned that you can power a methane generator from trash," Ethan said. This part of the tour also was the area students associated most closely with the theme. "This theme relates to the cost of comfort because it costs a little to dispose of the methane gas, but it makes electricity to level out the cost."


After climbing back on the bus, students continued their tour of the landfill. They saw many different sights, including piles of separated and recyclable materials. Students also used this time to discuss the past, present, and future implications of the landfill.


After a long two weeks of learning, experimentation, and discussions, students were treated to a trip at Pac's Ice Cream stand in Stephens City. This was a great way to cool off and reflect upon what they had learned about the environment, the cost of comfort and, most importantly, themselves. The students also made a unanimous decision: the BREGS experience was one of the most fun they had, and they most definitely want to return in the years to come.