Our second University to tour was James Madison where we saw their improved kitchen and on-campus garden. Composting was the main focus of the "green kitchen" to reduce waste to the landfill and put the students leftovers to good use as new mulch for other gardens in the area. We saw the improved cooking stations that save energy when in use and the grinder that all kitchen scraps are put through before being stored in a compost bin.

Before we left JMU, Technosphere saw the on-campus garden that provides the kitchen with fresh herbs the students grow. The other vegetables grown in the garden, such as carrots, lettuce, and pumpkins, are donated to a local food bank. Our JMU tour guide explained that it is better to grow your own food or purchase local products to reduce negative environmental impacts. Pollution given off through transportation of products across the world or country can be drastically reduced if we, as consumers, purchase locally grown food.
Science on a sphere is a suspended white ball configured with four projectors to create a 3D image on the orb itself. Technosphere watched movies about human impacts on coral reefs and the looming issue of the growing populations over use of resources. The sphere also helped to show data about world issues and other graphs in a unique way.