Kayaking at Andy Guest State Park and Giving Away Bird Houses at Hidden Springs Retirement House


We began our day with a two mile kayak/canoe trip down the river.

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Following our short trip down the river, we next went to Hidden Springs Retirement Home to give away the birdhouses that we painted on Day One.

Hidden Springs may seem as just a house for the elderly and not have many environmental aspects but we soon learned more about the place than we originally thought. The building, housing many residents, is powered through 13 geo-thermal wells that do everything from heating water to powering their lights. Although not a completly "green" building, they have taken many steps, often expensive, to do thier part, even at their age, to minimize their carbon footprint.

While we were there we also spoke with several of the guests, including a soon to be 107 year old lady who was originally from Germany and even had listened to Hitler speak.

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