The Technosphere and Globalsphere traveled to Shenandoah University to learn about how the college has become environmentally conscious and how everything we do can effect the environment around us.

First, we talked about what our watershed address is and what it means to be a conscious consumer. The Shenandoah Universities watershed address is the Chesapeake bay connected to the Opequon Creek and Potomac River. This means that what SU does to its water, good and bad, affects the water quality of everyone along the other rivers down through the watershed address. Because of this SU has added rain gardens, natural filtering systems, and native plants to riparian zones around the campus. SU's removal of unnecessary man-made surfaces such as extra parking lots and the covering of bare roofs has also helped to reduce the pollutant runoff into the nearby streams.

The Technosphere then had a one-on-one with a professor from SU who discussed the importance of incorporating technology into education and using our current technology to its full potential.
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