Smithsonian Research Institute and Conservatory for Endangered Species, Front Royal Virginia


The Smithsonian not only houses endangered species but the majority of their work goes into breeding them in hope to reach a sustainable population in captivity that may one day be reintroduced into the wild. Due to the fact that at the time of our visit, several of the animals were pregnant, we were unable to see all of them, such as the cheetahs sadly. While we were there we saw two clouded leopard cubs, several main wolves, and two types of cranes: white napped and red crown.

About halfway through our tour it began to rain so sorry for any unclear images as we hid in the dry vans.

The main attraction of the day, these two Clouded Leopard Cubs put on an acrobatic show for us as they chased each other around their cage and up the sides. Facts: They are critically endanger and are poached for their hides. Also they climb trees and their cages well as they are equipped with very large paws for their body and their tails grow out to nearly as long as they are, used for balancing themselves.

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Although we did not spend nearly as much time with the other animals as we did with the Leopards, here are some photos of them:

Sociosphere Photos 037.JPGSociosphere Photos 036.JPG
Maine Wolf aka Fox on stilts.

Sociosphere Photos 042.JPG
One of several Red Crown Cranes on site.

Sociosphere Photos 039.JPG
"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" "Hey guys."
"Say the jingle, say the jingle!"