Welcome to Socioscphere!

Join us as we look at the social aspects of our environment, and what we can do as people and leaders in our communities to make the world we live in a better place for all living things.

Ultimate Dodgeball Champions, 25 years in a row.

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Day 1: Meet and Greet, play games and paint birdhouses that we will give to senior citizens later in the week.

Day 2: Smithsonian Conservatory and breeding center for Endangered Species.

Day 3: Bull Run Conservatory, talk about pollution, test water quality and the significance of Marco-invertebrates.

Day 4: Kayaking at Andy Guest State Park and delivering Bird Houses to residents of Hidden Springs Retirement House.

Day 5: Community Service Project with individual county.

Day 6: Toray Plastics and Avtex Plant Site.

Day 7: Virginia Tech Alison Smith Lab.

Day 8: Canoe Trip.

Day 9: Final Day.

Meet the Gang:

Grand Wizard: Jeremy Burnworth


Witch of the Order: Maria Wakefield

Chairman of Transportation: Mr. Gean
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