Torey Plastics and the Avtex Plant in Front Royal

Toray and Avtex are two good examples of how laws and environmental protection have have been influenced by industry practice and how they now define how these work. Avtex, known for its dumping and pollution of the river and soil, had no regulations during its time. Noone monitored them until the late 1900s. With the creation of the EPA and passage of laws, they soon cracked down on Avtex and the comparny was forced to pay nearly 300 million dollars to clean up the site. Even today the cleanup conitnues but is nearly complete. Toray Plastics, is similar except these laws have been in place and define what Toray can do. They recycle all they can to reduce waste and they have machines that filter the air and pollution that would otherwise spew out of the plant.

Toray Plastics:
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Only Picture that we were permitted to take:


All that stands on the Avtex Factory Area is the Administrative building shown below. All others have been demotlished or are in the process of being demolished for safety reason. The dump basins and landfills are now covered corcrectly and the habitat around it is being "re-introduced" through native grasses also shown below.

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